Pirouette Circaouette

In 2013, CIRCa launched Pirouette Circaouette, a special event for young audience members in spring.

Organised in collaboration with local non-profit cultural organisations that also work with young audience members, Pirouette Circaouette is a chance for kids, families, educational and cultural bodies to gather for shows, workshops, films, exhibitions…

Pirouette Circaouette is a very special moment to strengthen the activities proposed to schools by programming shows during term-time and also a good opportunity for pupils to meet around the projects developed throughout the year.

You are very welcome at any age to share these cheerful moments that open a window on the world!

Pirouette Circaouette Public, ©CIRCa
Pirouette Circaouette Ateliers, ©CIRCa
Pirouette Circaouette Groupe, ©CIRCa
Pirouette Circaouette, ©CIRCa

Pirouette Circaouette 2017

The shows :
(price : 9€)

Le Pop-up Cirkus - Théâtre l'Articule
WED 22 MARCH / 3:00 pm & 4:30 -  Big top, CIRC
From 2 years old

L'Homme Cirque - David Dimitri

SAT 25 MARCH / 9:00 pm  +  SUN 26 MARCH / 4:00 pm  - Big top, CIRC
From 5 years old

Moi, Une petite histoire de la transformation- Cie Anomalie / Cille Lansade et Jean-Benoît Mollet
SUN 26 MARCH / 11:00 am & 2:30 pm  -  Auditorium Bernard Turin, CIRC
From 7 years old

Pss Pss - Cie Baccalà
WED 29 MARCH / 6:00 pm  - Big top, CIRC
From 9 years old

Sorcières ! - Cie Toron Blues
SUN 2 APR / 2:30 pm  +  WED 5 APR / 2:30 pm  - Auditorium Bernard Turin, CIRC
From 5 years old

VISA - En Votre Compagnie et Cirque des Puces
SUN 2 APR / 4:00 pm  +  MON 3 APR / 2:30 pm  -  Dôme de Gascogne
From 8 years old

Les Petits Poussés © Berangère Vallet
Les Ogres de Barback et Le Bal Brotto Lopez © Marion Guérard
Borborygmes © Diane Barbier
Midnight Sun © Eva Ordonnez
Le petit cercle boiteux de mon imaginaire
La Vallée de l'étrange © Tanguy Marchand
Le jour de la soupe © Cie Sac à dos
ExCENTRIQUES © Guillaume Fraisse
Le Cri du Lustre © Elsa Ricq Amour
Le Poil de la Bête © Philippe Laurençon

Also :  workshops, exhibitions, meetings with artists…
- Complete programme available in february -